Reasons Owners Choose Oregon Beach Vacations

Do our owners choose us for the best marketing on the Oregon coast? What about our low cost maintenance? Could it be our accurate accounting paying out twice as frequently as competitors? We don’t believe this is the main reason owners choose us. The main reason is our incredible employees that make our company possible! Some of the other reasons owners choose us can be found below.


  • Rental income is paid out twice a month versus the industry norm of once a month, with owners having the option of direct deposit or check.
  • Unit statements are sent out twice a month versus the industry norm of once a month, allowing owners to better monitor their income and expenses.
  • We handle the collection and filing for city, county, and state lodging taxes.


  • We have the ability to list your home on over 30 different websites besides our own primary booking channel,
  • Our staff can book your home 24/7, 365 days a year. Guests can call 503-528-7480 any time to book a home, even at 3 AM!
  • is our award winning website that receives consistent monthly updates to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Our software is enabled with dynamic pricing, to automatically price your home and adjust pricing based on marketplace demand.
  • Within 24 hours of a booking, owners receive booking confirmations for their records by email. Real-time booking information is available on our owner-web.
  • Owners have the ultimate discretion on pricing and property descriptions.


  • Our housekeepers utilize Oregon Beach Vacations industrial laundry to clean linens off-site. This saves our housekeepers thousands of hours a year that they spend toward actually cleaning as opposed to being remote laundry mats. This results in less housekeeping strain and chaos in the high-demand periods of the year, making for a better product.
  • Our goal is 100% inspections of cleans, where a staff member devoted to inspecting your home will go behind a housekeeper and critique a recent clean.
  • If your home sits dormant for longer than 2 days, we will have a secondary “arrival inspection” before guest check-in. This avoids chaos from leaks or appliance breakdowns if we discover this before guest check-in. It also allows us to turn on outdoor lights and open view windows to greet the guest coming in.
  • Our inspectors drive company provided vehicles to easily identify themselves to neighbors or guests.
  • Our housekeepers receive daily reports from inspectors on their performance for continual improvement of their performance.
  • The main chemicals our housekeepers use are non-toxic, resulting in a safer environment for guests, especially children and animals.
  • If your home has a hot tub, our staff will balance your hot tub after every visit at no cost to you!
  • If your home is pet friendly, there is no charge for pet related repair costs (carpet stains, bedding stains, pet damage that isn’t wear and tear).
  • Does your home have a great view? If so, our staff clean any view windows within reaching distance free of charge as part of their normal cleaning routine.
  • Our housekeepers are well compensated, accompanied by sick time, vacation time, and even an opportunity for employee ownership! This results in motivated, hard working individuals – the ‘cream of the coastal crop’ – who are dedicated to exceeding guest and owner expectations.


  • Our goal with maintenance is for a 24 hour turn-around from the time an issue is reported to when it is resolved. This results in minimal guest issues from maintenance related items and keeps our homes in great condition.
  • Our maintenance staff has over a century of experience between them in home repair – we can handle anything from toilet flappers to drywall repair to yard care, and we do it at a discount of up to 33% that of our competitors’ going maintenance rates.
  • Our maintenance crew drives company provided vehicles to easily identify themselves to neighbors or guests.
  • We have vendor relations developed with great companies for work beyond the scope of our maintenance department. Because of the volume of business we do with our homeowners often receive service at 15-20% discounts compared to the regular customer rates.
  • We’re preferred by our vendors because of our fast accounting payments (see accounting) resulting in faster service from them as well. Our vendors frequently work for us on the same day that we give them a call.


  • Our website is constantly updated and redesigned to drive more revenue to our homes. Overall we have over 70% of our business coming from in-house sources, with 72% of guests returning year after year!
  • Our website has long been committed to improving our SEO and organic search results placement. We are currently the top local company for organic exposure of vacation rentals in Oregon’s coastal marketplace. Google terms like “Oregon vacation rentals” and see first hand!
  • Oregon Beach Vacations has the fastest website amongst our major competitors on the Oregon coast based on third party findings. This equates to higher consumer engagement and a better user experience for our guests.
  • Our homes have the option to be enabled with keyless locks, for guest codes that last only as long as their trip, and an audible log of home access events.
  • Oregon Beach Vacations has invested in leading property management software for high reliability and consistency in everything we do.
  • Our properties have the option to opt into our dynamic pricing technology. This pricing automatically adjusts your homes price based on marketplace demand, and some homeowners have seen their revenue climb by as much as 40% under this program.

Company Structure:

  • We are 100% employee owned. Regardless of if you’re dealing with a housekeeper or a maintenance person, everyone has a vested personal interest in your experience and the experience of our guests.
  • We are frugal in the way we go about our business, allowing us to provide a high level of service while consistently underpricing the competition.
  • We have a great workplace with wonderful staff members. The average tenure of an employee with OBV is over 7 years. This allows our managers to know our staff limitations, and challenge them to that limit!
  • The size of our company allows us to be a major player in the market while maintaining direct lines of communication between our owners and our leadership. Owners can contact management if they have questions or concerns any day of the week. We supply our clients with direct numbers for branch managers, the Director of Operations, and even the President of our company!
  • Business is not just business for us. We conduct ourselves based on a high standard of business ethics that we’ve developed over decades of small business ownership. We have always done right by our clients. Guests, homeowners, and vendors value this attribute in their business dealings with us.

Call us today for more information at 503-528-7480. We guarantee we can improve upon the guest and owner experience, all while improving the homeowners overall profit. Experience the difference with Oregon Beach Vacations!