Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site

Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site

Newport , OR 97365

Phone: (800) 551-6949

Rating: 4.7


Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site near Newport, Oregon

Yaquina Bay State Park is located in Newport at the north end of Yaquina Bay, near its outlet to the Pacific Ocean. The bluff is forested with spruce and pine trees, and a large deck there provides views of Yaquina Bay and the Yaquina Bay Bridge. The west end of the park has parking and trails to reach the beach along the north Jetty.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is the only existing Oregon lighthouse that has attached living quarters and is also the only historic wooden Oregon lighthouse still standing. You can visit the lighthouse during these hours: 12 – 4 p.m., except on holidays. The building is closed to guests on Monday and Tuesday from October through February, though you’re welcome to explore the basement interpretive display with educational items and a video about the history of the lighthouse’s history.

Location in Newport, Oregon:

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Reviews of the Park

“One of my passions is lighthouses and the Coastline of Oregon is peppered with them. I saw quite a few of them on this trip. I loved them all! The Yakima Bay Bridge was an absolute marvel to look at, and I thought I caught it’s magnificence on film.”

5 Star review

J. Shaw Renner

“Beautiful place for walking down the beach with sand on your feet and jumping out of the way of curious waves. The lighthouse is cute and I love my sweater I got from the basement store. I always come back whenever I am in town and I love it! Highly recommend!”

5 Star review


“A small but wonderful area in Newport, OR. The area is home to the historic Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, which sits at the highpoint of the recreation site. It overlooks the beach below which boasts small sand dunes and the North Jetty. There is parking where the road passes through the main site, though it could possibly get a bit crowded on busy summer days. The area around the lighthouse has a number of picnic tables for those who want to spend time eating and taking in the sights. One of the highlights at this site is an overlook which is comprised of a wooden deck. From here, you can see the historic Yaquina Bay Bridge in its entirety spanning the bay. You can also see the North and South Jetty, which marks the channel for Naval vessels to make safe passage in and out of the harbor. One of the best times to see the bridge is just before sunrise. In the instances I have gone during that time, very few people were there. Sunrise from the lookout is beautiful…but it doesn’t end there. That’s the time all of the fishing vessels start departing the harbor. There’s also a good chance to see a Coast Guard vessel as well. On my last visit, I observed 30 vessels departing the harbor. You can also follow a sidewalk next to the main road and walk under the bridge. The sidewalk will actually take you down to the bayfront if you follow it far enough. Great place. A lot to see, and a bit of history.”

5 Star review

James Williams

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