Yaquina Bay Lighthouse in Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site

Newport , OR 97365

Phone: (541) 265-5679

Rating: 4.6


Yaquina Bay Lighthouse near Newport, Oregon

The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, which was constructed in 1871 out of wood unlike any other lighthouse in Oregon at the time, is now a popular tourist destination hosting more than 75,000 guests annually. It is also believed to be the oldest structure still standing in Newport. The historic landmark was added to the National Register of Historic Places after it had been restored and furnished with period items. Beyond just being a beautiful sightseeing opportunity for visitors, the number of people who come to enjoy Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site day-to-day exceed 1.6 million per year!

Open 12 PM to 4 PM

Reviews of Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

“If you like seeing the lighthouses of Oregon don’t miss this one. Nice trail down to the beach from here as well. Don’t forget to enjoy the view of the bridge from this site. This place is the closest Captain James Cook ever got to Oregon. He couldn’t find anywhere to come ashore.”
5 Stars

Kenneth Davis

“What a beautiful place! The beach nearby is apparently great for clams, as there were a lot of hunters roaming. We found a few large crabs in the tide pools that would meet the minimum size requirements for eating. The tide was out around 1100 in the morning and rolled in pretty rapidly over the next hour and half. Keep a watch on the water or you’ll be swimming!”
5 Stars

Marc Pritchard

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