Oswald West State Park

Oswald West State Park

Arch Cape , OR 97102

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Oswald West State Park Near Seaside and Arch Cape, Oregon

If you’re looking for a scenic coastal escape, look no further than Oswald West State Park. Situated two hours from Portland on the north Oregon Coast, this remarkable 4-mile stretch of temperate rainforest and sandy beach coastline is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque parks around! Its trails offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean while its pristine shoreline provides ample recreational opportunities – whether it be surfing, hiking or simply lounging by the sea. Whatever your pleasure may be, Oswald West State Park has something special to offer.

Parking at Short Sand Beach

Short Sand Beach is a beloved local hotspot, situated in an idyllic cove surrounded by lush forests and iconic Oregon basalt and sandstone cliffs. Affectionately known as “Shorty’s” to the locals, you can access this popular beach after just a half-mile stroll through the woods from its main parking lot! Follow Short Sand Creek along the trail next to Highway 101 until you reach the railroad-style bridge that leads directly into a scenic picnic area with panoramic views of the shoreline below.

Hiking (esp. Oregon Coast Trail)

Escape to the scenic trails of Oswald West State Park, where 2,484 acres await your exploration. Embark on a 13-mile journey along the Oregon Coast Trail that begins at Arch Cape and traverses southward towards Manzanita. In addition, two renowned headlands –Cape Falcon and Neah-kah-nie Mountain– are incorporated into this natural paradise which can be enjoyed through captivating hikes!

Visit Oswald West – One of Oregon’s Most Loved State Parks!

Let the beauty of Oregon’s coastal rainforest take your breath away when you park in one of four easy-access parking lots along Highway 101. From low-growing ferns and salal to towering western red cedar, hemlock, and Sitka spruce trees that form the basis for this temperate ecosystem, explore what Oswald West has to offer – but remember camping is prohibited here!

Location on the Oregon Coast

Reviews of Oswald West State Park

“Oswald West State Park is breathtaking and a treat from start to finish. Parking is easy to access and the trail is fairly short with gorgeous views along the way. The path down to the beach is a little steep and can get muddy after the rain but you can always enjoy the view by sitting at the benches at the top. The beach also has mini waterfalls to explore/take endless selfies with. If you’re looking for a romantic place to elope in Oregon, this should be on your list. If you’re just looking for a place to spend the day, this is your place.”

Savannah Linn Photography

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