Oregon Coast Trail

Coastal Region , Oregon


About the Oregon Coast Trail – Hike the Oregon Coast!

The Oregon Coast Trail (OCT) is a long-distance hiking route located in the state of Oregon, stretching from the mouth of the Columbia River to Brookings near the California border.

The trail was envisioned by Samuel N. Dicken, a University of Oregon geography professor in 1959, and approved in 1971 by the Oregon Recreation Trails Advisory Council. It is now developed and managed by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department as part of the state park system of Oregon. The official coastal guide gives a length of 382 miles (615 km). Approximately 39% of the route is on the beach, 41% is on paved road, and 20% is composed of trail and dirt roads. However, private ferries can be arranged at some estuaries to shortcut segments of the journey. If walked in full, linking each trail/beach section together, the walking distance would come out to approximately 425 miles.

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