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Nye Beach in Newport, Oregon

Nye Beach is a small village located in the cultural heart of Newport. This unique district offers gift shops, galleries, coffee houses, wine and quaint dining experiences with an artsy feel. The turnaround in the center of Nye Beach makes parking and access to shops and the beach easy for visitors.

Nye Beach is a great place to stroll, shop, eat and relax. The beach offers some of the best sunset views in Newport. You can easily access the beach from the turnaround or take one of the many walking paths that lead directly to it.

Location in Newport, Oregon:

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Reviews of Nye Beach

“A lot of little shops with very intersting stuff! Several restaurants to go to, but my favorite part of my trip of course was the beautiful beach! Crystal clear water over mesmorizing ripples in the sand!! Super calming and a good way to forget your troubles and enjoy the beauty of the Oregon Coast.”

Daniel Lopez

“The beach sand is a little hard to walk on but that’s probably just me. However I did love nye beach. Never been there before. We had a beautiful bonfire one of the nights the abundance of the ocean was stunning. It is very clean beach. My dogs loved to run around, and get their paws wet the ocean. One of the nights we were fortunate to see the sunset and that was so beautiful. The beach is huge so there is lots of space for you or however big your party is to have a good time with some privacy which is always nice. They also have a foot bath station so you can clean your shoes and feet off. They have a fairly big parking lot for people who are passing by. Definitely will come back.”

Amy Martinson

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Newport, Oregon

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