Kiwanda Beach

Pacific City , OR

About Kiwanda Beach in Pacific City Oregon

Rugged, sandy Pacific Ocean beach is a popular beach and picnic spot. The beach is unsupervised, so it’s prudent to stay in the designated areas, but otherwise explore at your own risk. Popular activities include surfing, fishing and swimming (when ocean conditions are safe). There are also plenty of hiking trails in the surrounding area, which offer incredible views of the Pacific Coast. Birdwatchers will be happy to find plenty of native species in the area, including bald eagles and peregrine falcons, making it another bird hotspot in the Pacific City area. The surrounding area also boasts tide pools, which are full of life and colorful plants. Visitors should be aware that the beach can get very windy, so proper clothing is a must. All in all, Kiwanda Beach is an enchanting spot for a day of beach fun and exploration.


NOTE: Kiwanda Beach is not in Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area

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