Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area – Oregon State Park

122 1st St

Otter Rock , OR 97369

Phone: (800) 551-6949

Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area – Oregon State Park

For anyone visiting the Oregon Coast, Devils Punch Bowl State Natural Area is an increasingly popular day-use destination. The highlight of the state park is a massive bowl naturally carved out of a rock headland – and it’s partially open to the Pacific Ocean. Due to this opening, waves often enter and create dangerous conditions with strong currents, unable visible obstacles, and unpredictable features. The rocks offshore from the Devils Punch Bowl create favorable conditions for surfing, as well as an abundance of interesting wave action. These rocks are also part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge and provide a habitat for a variety of wildlife.

Devils Punch Bowl can be found 5 miles south of Depoe Bay and 8 miles north of Newport in Otter Rock. The park is a naturally beautiful spot that covers 5.34 acres, with access to the beach via a short trail, as well as stunning tide pools to explore.

The bowl is thought to have been created when two caves carved by the ocean collapsed. The park, which projects into the Pacific, provides panoramic views of whales migrating past in season.

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