Burrows House Museum

545 SW 9th St,

Newport , OR 97365

Rating: 4.4


Over 125 years ago, a Queen Anne-style Victorian home was built for an elderly couple, Susan and John Burrows. This magnificent structure sat perched in between the Bayfront and Nye Beach on Alder Street – earning it the affectionate name of “The Half-Way House.” Its original setting was quite remote with dense shore pine trees surrounding it from all sides. Today, this residence serves as a valuable local history museum and research library that anyone can visit to learn more about our community’s past!

In 1976, the Bank of Newport purchased the house and property with a profound intention to donate it to Lincoln County Historical Society. Consequently, they relocated this building right next to Log Cabin Museum – where it then officially opened its doors as a museum on Sunday September 24th, 1978, during an open-house dedication ceremony.