Nestucca River

Pacific City , OR

The Big Nestucca River

The Nestucca River is a 57-mile (92 km) river in northwest Oregon, United States. It flows through forests near the Pacific coast and drains a timber-producing area of the Northern Oregon Coast Range west of Portland.

The Nestucca River originates in the mountains of western Yamhill County and is dammed near its headwaters to create McGuire Reservoir, which provides the primary water source for McMinnville. Flowing generally west, it passes through Bureau of Land Management land and Siuslaw National Forest before Beaver, then southwest past Hebo and Cloverdale. The Little Nestucca River enters from the south as the Nestucca empties into Pacific City on Oregon’s northern coast at Nestucca Bay.

big nestucca river winter steelhead fishing

Fishing for steelhead trout in Big Nestucca is an incredibly rewarding experience. Steelhead trout are among the most sought after fish in the region and anglers come from near and far to try their luck on this beautiful river.

The best time to fish for steelhead trout is during spring and fall months when they are running upriver to spawn. The most popular techniques used for catching steelhead are drift fishing, float fishing and bobber fishing. All of these techniques require the right bait and tackle, so be sure to do your research before heading out on the river!

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