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Top 5 Reasons Beach Rentals Make the Perfect Vacation Choice!

One of the biggest considerations in planning a beach vacation is choosing a place to stay. There are so many ways to escape to the coast, but how do you choose the best fit for you and your family or traveling companions? Depending on the size of your group and the types of activities you would like to enjoy while visiting the beach, the right choice in lodging plays an important role in making your beach vacation a success.

Consider an Oregon Beach Vacation rental as your solution. The experienced reservation agents at Oregon Beach Vacations are standing by and ready to help you plan a vacation you will treasure. In addition to helping you choose the vacation rental that is right for you, our agents will also assist you in seeing the benefits of selecting a vacation rental home as opposed to your hotel choices.

Reason #1

Stretch Out and Relax!

If you have a family, staying in a hotel often means sharing a room, which can feel, crowded. You may end up having to rent multiple rooms, which can complicate logistics during your stay. With an Oregon Beach Vacations rental property, you will have room to stretch out and be comfortable while maintaining closeness with your family or traveling companions.

Reason #2

Bring Your Dog or Cat!

Do you have a family pet that the hotel chains won’t allow? Oregon Beach Vacations has a list of homes that are pet friendly. Your canine or feline companion is always welcome in one of our designated pet friendly homes. See our property features page to search for homes that will accommodate the furry member of your family.

Reason #3

Enjoy Cooking Your Own Fresh Seafood!

Maybe you like to cook while you are on vacation. In hotel rooms, you typically will have a kitchenette or nothing at all leaving you no choice but to dine out. Although this is also a wonderful option while visiting the beach, you may want the flexibility to do both. Oregon Beach Vacations offers a wide variety of homes with kitchens most of which are gourmet. All of our rentals are also well equipped with the tools to make your cooking and dining happen with ease.

Reason #4

Enjoy a Little Peace on Your Vacation!

Are there occasions that you would rather stay behind than participate in a group outing? In a hotel, it may be tough to find staying in the room desirable. In an OBV rental home, you would have a variety of places to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. Most homes include a fireplace to cozy up in front of with a good book or a deck to sit outside and enjoy some salt air and ocean views.

Reason #5

A Hot Tub For Yourself!

Oregon Beach Vacations has a generous list of homes that are equipped with their own hot tub. Typically hotel rooms do not offer this luxury exclusively for one group. This way, you can relax and enjoy a soak with your group without feeling crowded or uncomfortable.

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These are just five of the many reasons to choose a vacation rental home. Once you have experienced this type of vacationing, we are confident that your view in choices of lodging will change. We hope you will consider Oregon Beach Vacations as your vacation rental choice. Call today to see all that our expansive list of rental homes has to offer!