Our Team - Oregon Beach Vacations

  • David McElveen


    David McElveen along with his partner Joe Murray founded Oregon Beach Vacations in 2004. David has been a small business owner in Oregon for over a decade, having had a corporate travel business prior to the founding of Oregon Beach Vacations. In his early life he spent time in the military, which was followed by corporate jobs and later serial entrepreneurship. David currently presides over the accounting side of Oregon Beach Vacations, as well as any macro-level decision making or investments the influence the future of Oregon Beach Vacations.

  • Joe Murray

    Vice President

    Joe Murray along with his partner David McElveen founded Oregon Beach Vacations in 2004. 

  • Jessica Walkowski

    Vice President of Operations
  • Scott Dallaire

    Seaside Branch Manager
  • Nick Young

    Lincoln City Branch Manager
  • Julie Studt


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