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Baker City, OR
Dates of Stay: 10/08/2019 - 10/11/2019
Reviewed On: 10/13/2019
Unit: 622 HOLLADAY

Adequate and quiet.

Comfortable and quiet. Kitchen could have used a small covered saucepan and a couple covered microwave dishes. Bedroom upstairs with two beds. Narrow, steep staircase, downstairs bath. Driveway a bit tricky to back into street. Half a mile from beach.


Arlene S.
Lebanon, OR
Dates of Stay: 10/07/2019 - 10/10/2019
Reviewed On: 10/13/2019
Unit: Salt Therapy

Girly time out

It was fantastic. Clean, comfortable. The view was gorgeous.
Will return.


Highland, UT
Dates of Stay: 10/06/2019 - 10/10/2019
Reviewed On: 10/12/2019
Unit: Commodore 1

Dated, musty, on busy road, good view

The pictures are misleading, the furniture in the unit is very worn and dated. It smells like Grandma's house and has a very lived-in feeling. The fireplace pilot went out during our stay and no one responded, robbing us of some nice ambiance. The unit is right off the main road and has a lot of traffic and pedestrians. The trade-off is the view, the living room and kitchen have a nice view of the cove. The bathrooms are nicer as they seem to have been updated more recently.


Beverly H.
Eugene, OR
Dates of Stay: 10/07/2019 - 10/10/2019
Reviewed On: 10/12/2019
Unit: Waters Edge 111

Comfy, cozy, beautiful condo and view

My husband and I met his two cousins and spouses for a few days at this condo and had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect and the condo was neat and clean. The view of the bay was picture perfect. I took several pictures of the morning and evening views which I will print out for posting. Being in walking distance to Mo's was a big plus.
The only drawback was that even the tv guy couldn't get the tv and remotes to work. So we discovered there is life without tv!


Leduc County, AB
Dates of Stay: 09/05/2019 - 09/25/2019
Reviewed On: 10/11/2019
Unit: Pacific Sands

Beautiful home

This home lacked nothing - beautiful home with a beautiful view! That being said, the company itself needs to get their act together! We were sent out a letter via email with the lockbox code etc. the week before our stay, but when we arrived the code was totally wrong. When we tried to phone, we were not able to reach anyone until the next morning, despite leaving many messages on the 24 hour emergency voicemail box. We had to get a motel for the first night, and then call the office again the next morning. The company did reimburse us for one night of our rental and almost paid for our motel night, but we never did understand what happened with the emergency number not being answered and the wrong lockbox code being given. Also had wrong wifi code in the letter...


Irvine, NA
Dates of Stay: 09/22/2019 - 09/25/2019
Reviewed On: 10/11/2019
Unit: Admiral 3

Solo vacation

Just a few days on my own! Needed a little rest after a busy summer!


Dennis O.
Gig Harbor, WA
Dates of Stay: 09/05/2019 - 09/25/2019
Reviewed On: 10/11/2019
Unit: WyCliff Condo

Not goog

Had to purchase a vacuum as the condo vacuum was locked in a closet. Oregon beach vacation rentals not responsive. Not permitted to use laundry facilities during 20 night stay. Have never had such a horrible experience with a vacation rental company. Will never do business here again. Queen bed was a double. Not the condo we were told over the phone we were renting.


Annie M.
Akron, OH
Dates of Stay: 08/27/2019 - 08/31/2019
Reviewed On: 10/10/2019
Unit: The Mariner on Nye Beach

Great house for us and our toddler!

This house was exactly as pictured. The views were amazing and the accommodations clean and we had everything we needed. The bedrooms were also lovely. My husband and I brought our 2 1/2 year old, and he did great. We felt perfectly safe with him in this house. All doors could be locked/ secured and the balcony is 100% kid safe as well.
We visited in early August. For those that are new to the Oregon coast, this house does not, nor do many at all, have A/C. With all the windows, the house will heat up during the day. After our first day, we remembered to close all blinds if we took a day trip, and then we flung all the windows open after arriving home. With the ocean breeze, the place cools down in no time. We are definitely A/C people, and this was NOT an issue.
Also note, there is beach access but the walk is a little overgrown and trepidatious. I got my toddler down there in a matter of 4-5 minutes, but it was a bit of a process if you’re carrying beach bags/toys and have a kid to watch.

All in all, this was a great spot for us and pretty perfect for small families.


Brian H.
Rosenberg, TX
Dates of Stay: 10/02/2019 - 10/08/2019
Reviewed On: 10/10/2019
Unit: Bay Echo

Depoe Bay 2019

The location is great. Walk or short drives to everything on the cost and watching the whales from our balcony.


Heather S.
Palmer, AK
Dates of Stay: 10/03/2019 - 10/07/2019
Reviewed On: 10/10/2019
Unit: Surftides Plaza # 255

Fabulous & well equipped place to stay, close access to the beach

We had an absolutely wonderful stay. Perfect little place, nice ocean view, plus the beach access was close, directly in front of #255! The pool hours are very limited TH - M 10am - 5:45pm, but that was not why we stayed.

The only snafu was, when we arrived and entered the code to access the “guest” keys... there was no keys. I went to see the lady at the front desk and she said I needed to contact the booking place or property manager, which for me happened to be Oregon Beach Vacations. I contacted them about the issue and they gave me the code to access the maintenance keys. We had keys and access our entire trip. But had we arrived and hour later with both the office and Oregon Beach Vacation office closed, we would have been without a place to stay that night. I contacted Oregon Beach Vacations to let them know there was still no guest keys on day three and again when I checked out. They said there was a work order in for it.

I would definitely stay here again and would recommend it to my family and friends.

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