Coronavirus Response for Our Vacation Rental Guests

Last updated: 8/13/2020

At Oregon Beach Vacations, we make our customers health and well-being a top priority. To protect against the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), our housekeeping systems are more important than ever.

Please refer to this page for updates on our policy impacts and cleaning changes in light of our current pandemic.

Guest Reservations
To minimize person-to-person contact, all of our homes are equipped with lock boxes or keyless locks, allowing guests to check in without interacting with any staff members. Guests can also take solace in the fact that vacation rentals have less foot traffic than the traditional hotel experience.

Changing or Cancelling an Upcoming Trip
While our goal is to provide guests with memorable vacation experiences, we understand that many factors influence your decision on where and when to travel.

If a county along the Oregon coast has lodging restrictions that prevent your stay, Oregon Beach Vacations will issue a full refund and invite you to rebook in the future. If restrictions in your own community present an issue, or if you do not feel comfortable making the trip, we have the following options:

  • Reschedule. All guests, regardless of their check-in date, can reschedule their 2020 trip for no cost until the end of the year. Oregon Beach Vacations allows guests to reschedule for the same vacation rental up to 1 year in advance of the current date. If you’re unsure of your future date, you’re welcome to adjust multiple times throughout 2020.
  • Relocation. If you’re scheduled to visit a city or county and your trip is impacted by local regulations, Oregon Beach Vacations will offer to relocate you to a similar home in our program at no additional cost if available. We define a similar home as having the same or lesser bedroom count & view type as the prior home.
  • Canceling 30 or More Days Out. If your trip is more than 30 days away, you can cancel for a full refund less our standard cancellation fee and travel insurance if applicable. Reservations made on third-party websites such as VRBO or Airbnb may be subject to differing terms and conditions from Oregon Beach Vacations standard policies.
  • Cancellations Within 30 Days. If you’re within 30 days of your stay, Oregon Beach Vacations will issue you a full refund if City, County or State regulations in Oregon prohibit your stay. In addition to this if you’re in a state that is prohibiting travel, or if you are active-duty military with travel restrictions, we will offer you a full refund.

We’re here to provide the perfect experience for you when you visit the Oregon coast. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our reservation department by phone at 503-528-7480 or by email at

Our Professional Housekeeping

Our hard working, local staff are dedicated to making your vacation rental spotless. Our cleaning program has always met the CDC recommendations for cleaning under COVID-19. In addition to this, some aspects of our program that ensure our homes are the cleanest on the coast include:

  • PreventX 24/7 Chemical Barrier. Many homes in our rental program have opted to coat their floors, furnishings, and high-trafficked surfaces in a PreventX 24/7 Chemical Barrier. This barrier is antimicrobial in nature, and reduces the risk of transmission of bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. This barrier lasts up to 90 days from application depending on the surface, and homeowners who have applied it to their home are highlighted in search results with the amenity ‘360 Clean’ for the duration of active protection.
  • CDC Recommended Cleaning Practices. Based on CDC guidelines, Oregon Beach Vacations is cleaning all rooms with a non-toxic EPA disinfectant called ‘Critical Care’,recommended for combatting corona virus.
  • Off-Site Laundering. For several years Oregon Beach Vacations has laundered all sheets and towels off-site in our commercial laundry facility. Here, linens and terry are treated with 170 degree water, commercial grade bleach and detergent. In contrast, most of our competitors still launder in residential washers & dryers at the unit. These machines have limited water temperature and less agitating chemicals – oftentimes, hosts will rely on guests to properly start the laundry before checkout. We guarantee our linens are 100% sterile and stain free for all incoming reservations.
  • Additional Deep-Cleaning & Training. The lodging restrictions impacting us along the Oregon coast in March, April and May have given our company ample time to ensure top-notch cleanliness in any of our locations. We’ve used this period to perform deep cleans before summer. We’ve also used this time for additional training, thoroughly reviewing standard and COVID-19 specific cleaning procedures.

Here for You

Our thoughts are with you and our local communities during this time, and we want to do our best to support your coastal experience.

We are monitoring the Corona Virus situation as it develops over time. We’ll update this page as new information becomes available. We look forward to creating safe and memorable vacations for all visitors to our homes and condos.