Vacation Rentals for Newbies

When was the last time that you went on vacation and found the perfect accommodations at an affordable price? Whether you’re looking for the classic beach cottage at homes like On the Beach or a more modern construction at homes such as Beach Daze, if you’ve never experienced vacation rentals we implore you to give it a try today.

What are some advantages to Vacation Rentals?

One of the major advantages vacation rentals can offer travelers is a lot of space at a lower price than traditional hotels. Whereas a group of guests could find hotel rooms sleeping two each on the Oregon coast for around $100 a night, that same group could decide to get a vacation rental sleeping 12 for under $385 a night in July. The savings is dramatic, with over $215 or 35% saved on accommodations. Travelers who frequent vacation rentals find they have more money to spend on activities and restaurants in the area, which is part of the draw of visiting our beautiful coast!


In addition to this savings, the amenities a vacation rental offers cannot be matched by a hotel room; hotel rooms have no space for travelers to gather and converse, or to cook a morning meal before heading out for the day. Vacation rentals are able to offer visitors kitchens and living rooms that enhance vacation time with friends and family. In addition to this, rentals tend to be uniquely situated in the community. Have you ever wanted to be less than a block from beach access? Our homes like Pacific Rest have a backyard with private beach access to the Pacific Ocean! Other homes feature hot tubs or pet friendly accommodations. Whether you’d like to bask in steamy water under the stars or bring Fido on your summer vacation, Oregon Beach Vacations has the perfect accommodation for you.

How does it work?

We get a lot of questions from first time vacation renters on how the rental process works. “Do we go to an office to pick up keys?” and “How do we find the home?” are common questions. After purchasing a home through Oregon Beach Vacations, guests get a reservation confirmation that displays their home, the dates they’ve reserved, and a break down of their purchase. This email also displays a unique 5 to 6-digit number to use in referencing your stay any time travelers call in to our office. Five days before their stay guests receive an arrival email with driving directions and access to the home. Access to our homes comes in either the form of a 4-digit lock box code or a 6-digit keyless lock code, with access located at the vacation rental. This allows our guests to avoid the hassle of coming in to an office to begin their vacation.

When you arrive at any of our homes, you should find basic household supplies intended to be a starter pack to last you for two days. All of our homes are inspected prior to guest arrival and we boast the cleanest accommodations on the Oregon coast. If our guests find anything amiss our staff will happily move mountains to fix any situation. Last year we had travelers who booked a home and didn’t realize that no barbeque was offered. Our staff bought and delivered a grill within an hour of the guest call, and this is the type of service we strive for with all of our clients.

Why Book with Oregon Beach Vacations?

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Oregon Beach Vacations works with over 10,000 guests every year to provide a unique coastal experience and memories to last a lifetime. Whether it is our friendly reservation process or our first-class customer service, guests will find the hassle of a typical vacation absent under our guidance. In addition to this, Oregon Beach Vacations is the largest local property management company on the Oregon coast, giving guests more destinations and homes to choose from than our smaller competitors.

If you’ve never stayed at a vacation rental we invite you to experience the difference today. New guests are invited to use the coupon code “ FirstVR ” at any of our rentals in 2016 for $50 off their purchase price. Come down to the Oregon coast today, and experience everything that Oregon has to offer!

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