Oregon coast Restaurants

10 Best Restaurants on the Oregon Coast

When you’re on vacation, sometimes choosing a new restaurant to check out can be a little daunting. Whether you’ve got children or are traveling alone, we’ve narrowed down our 10 best restaurants on the Oregon Coast for you to try. From steak to Mexican, Asian to Italian, we hope you’ll enjoy these food establishments as much as we have!

Astoria, Seaside, Cannon Beach, Lincoln City, and Newport – Pig ‘N Pancake

This restaurant is one the entire family can enjoy! Pig ‘N Pancake offers a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods. Their signature dishes are the pancakes and waffles of course, but there are plenty of other choices on the menu for everyone to get something they’ll love! Either way, everyone will leave happy and with a full belly after a visit to the ‘Pig!’

Oregon coast Restaurants
Tokyo Teriyaki

Seaside – Tokyo Teriyaki

Located in Seaside’s outlet mall, Tokyo Teriyaki is usually fairly slow, at least during the winter months, but this means great service for visitors. During the summer months, getting a table may have more of a wait time. They offer great food with croissant like crusting to their egg rolls. The price is around $8 a plate, making this one of the best restaurants on the Oregon Coast to find delicious food the whole family can enjoy and fill up on without breaking the bank. The waiters here are fast as well, with the time between finishing your food and paying for it no more than five minutes.

Oregon coast Restaurant
Twisted Fish Steakhouse

Seaside – Twisted Fish Steakhouse

The Twisted Fish Steakhouse is located on the south side of the main strip in Seaside leading to Seaside’s roundabout along the Promenade. Service here is very fast; you’ll be seated within 10-15 minutes and have your order taken as well. During the summer months, you may find yourself waiting a bit longer. At the Twisted Fish Steakhouse, you’ll find the best steak on the coast, marketed as ‘Angus Certified Beef.’ The restaurant is very clean, and the owners work as the cook and hostess, so you’re sure to enjoy spectacular food and service here for as long as they own it.  Meals run about 20-40 dollars here, so if you’re looking for a special date night to take your loved one, check out the Twisted Fish Steakhouse. It’s not only for adults, but also offers an awesome children’s menu as well.

Oregon coast Restaurants
Pizza a’fetta

Cannon Beach – Pizza A’fetta

Located in the quaint shops in the Cannon Beach northern shopping area, you’ll find crispy & delicious pizza at Pizza a’fetta! While the wait time can be about 20 minutes for a pizza, it offers a nice atmosphere for families. Come here before you’re starving, and the wait time won’t be such a big deal. The cost is between 9-13 dollars for a meal for one. Everyone in your party is sure to enjoy the pizza at Pizza a’fetta, even the picky eaters!

Oregon coast Restaurants
El Trio Loco Dos

Manzanita – El Trio Loco Dos

Located on a corner in a yellow building about two blocks from the beach, you and your family will find fast service at El Trio Loco Dos! As soon as you sit down, they’ll have chips, dips, and water for you to enjoy within the minute! If you’re hungry and ready to eat, El Trio Loco Dos is a must go! During the summer months, the wait time may be a bit longer, but during the winter, you and your family are sure to have your food within 10-15 minutes of sitting down and ordering! If you’ve ever eaten at Mazatlan, you’ll find that the food is just as good, if not better! Everyone in your group can enjoy the food offered at El Trio Loco Dos.

Oregon coast Restaurant
Pelican Brewery

Pacific City – The Pelican Brewery

While the name implies this isn’t a family friendly restaurant, the opposite is quite true. The Pelican Brewery offers a wide variety of dishes for both the young and the old, along with recommendations on which beer tastes best with each meal! Leave the kids at home while you enjoy a meal out, or bring them along! The baked Mac ‘n Cheese topped with bacon and bread crumbs is sure to be a hit amongst the younger crowd! Afterwards, go for a short hike along the beach, and try to climb the giant sand dune, if you dare!

Oregon coast Restaurant

Lincoln City and Newport – Mazatlan

If you’re looking for some authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine while on your stay to the coast, look no farther than Mazatlan! With two locations near several of our vacation rental properties, you’ll want to visit this restaurant at least once! They have several dishes to choose from, from chicken and steak to vegetarian. You might need some extra time to look at the menu! For the picky eaters in the group, they offer plain quesadillas and chips and salsa or beans. Their lemonade is excellent and the service astounding! Choose Mazatlan over Taco Bell while here on your coastal vacation!

Oregon coast Restaurants
Thai Bay

Lincoln City – Thai Bay

Wondering if you’ll ever find good Thai away from the cities? Thai Bay in Lincoln City will meet all of your expectations and more! With fast and friendly service, in a quiet and small environment, and several delicious dishes to choose from, you’ll be coming back to Lincoln City every chance you get! You can order the classic Pad Thai or try something a little more daring, like the spicy curry. For the picky eaters in your group, ask for some plain noodles in a butter sauce topped with veggies! Everyone is welcome at Thai Bay!

Oregon coast Restaurants
Georgie’s Beachside Grill

Newport – Georgie’s Beachside Grill

Georgie’s Beachside Grill is located near the Yaquina Bay Bridge, just south of the Nye Beach area of Newport with oceanfront views of the coast. You and your family will find fast service here, along with unique food selections such as French Toast Croissants and Almond Chicken Salad. The meals are affordable for everyone in your party, coming to around 10-15 dollars a plate. Everyone in your group will be able to find something they’ll love, whether that be steak, fish, chicken, or vegetarian!

Oregon coast Restaurants
Grand Central Pizza

Waldport – Grand Central Pizza

This delicious pizza joint in the heart of Waldport offers not only pizza, but a salad bar, sandwiches, breadsticks, and more! The whole family will absolutely love this restaurant. It’s two stories tall so you can choose to eat upstairs or down. You’ll want to come back again and again! With a 4.1 star rating on Google, you can’t go wrong by choosing Grand Central Pizza!

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