Fourth of July Oregon Coast

How to Stay Safe this Fourth of July – Oregon Coast

The Fourth of July is a wonderful celebration of America’s independence from British rule that is celebrated every year. This year, America turns 241 (happy birthday, America!) and we want to make sure that you and your family stay safe while celebrating with your fellow countrymen! Below is a short list of what you can do to stay safe and have fun this Independence Day!

Leave the big firework shows to the professionals! Every year it seems someone has hurt themselves or someone else in a terrible accident regarding fireworks that could have been avoided.

When handling fireworks, always keep a fire extinguisher close at hand. Even a sparkler can turn deadly without warning.

Fourth of July Oregon Coast

Always keep a close eye on children and pets during fireworks shows. Young children and animals don’t understand how fire works most of the time, and curious minds love to try new, and often dangerous, things!

Since the fireworks shows start after dark, make sure you know where all of your loved ones are beforehand to avoid lost children!

Fourth of July Oregon Coast

Be earth friendly, and throw away your leftover boxes and other equipment from fireworks after you’ve finished playing. Every year, beaches are littered with fireworks debris. Do your part to help keep Oregon’s beaches clean.

Most pets are lost during the Fourth of July. Keep pets locked inside, preferably in a safe space as far away from the noise of fireworks as possible, to avoid terrifying them.

Fourth of July Oregon Coast

While most people love a good fireworks show on the Fourth of July, some people prefer to celebrate for up to a week before and after. Remember to be courteous to neighbors who may be trying to sleep and aren’t expecting to hear fireworks at midnight before or after the Fourth.

PTSD is a real phenomenon that affects many of our vets and military personnel. If you or anyone you know is suffering from this disorder, please remember to take care of yourself or be as accommodating and helpful as possible to get them through the night.

Fourth of July Oregon Coast

Here on the Oregon coast, many of our fireworks celebrations occur over water and on the beach. Keep yourself safe and be respectful of other people who are trying to watch the show by staying out of the water at night.

Never shoot off fireworks in or around trees and dry grass as this can start a fire that can quickly get out of control. Shooting off small fireworks on pavement away from buildings, people, and animals is your best bet.

Fourth of July Oregon Coast

Remember to abide by your state’s firework rule, and do not shoot off any illegal fireworks. Doing so will help ensure that everyone, including yourself, has a safe and incident free holiday!

Fourth of July Oregon Coast

Seaside visitors will be able to enjoy the fireworks show from the beach in Seaside beginning at dusk, between 10 and 10:30 PM on Tuesday, July 4th. Get there early for a good spot on the beach with your family and friends. If you’re staying with us at The Riptides, The Tides, or Seaside Ocean Vista, you’ll have a good view of the fireworks, but feel free to go outside and join everyone on the beach for the earlier festivities!

The Lincoln City fireworks will be held on Tuesday, July 4th over the Siletz Bay at dusk, between 10 and 10:30 PM. Be sure to get there early and save a spot on the beach or the pier to watch the show. If you’re staying with us at Waters Edge or Baywatch, you’ll already have a front row seat to all of the action!

If you’re staying in Newport, make sure to head over to the Yaquina Bay Bridge area for another spectacular fireworks show over the Yaquina Bay starting at dusk, between 10 and 10:30 PM, on Tuesday, July 4th. Get there early to avoid having to park far away and to get the best seat possible! If you’re staying with us at Suite Dreams or Windward at the Regatta right on the Yaquina Bay, you’ll have a front row seat to the best fireworks show on the Oregon coast!

Have fun! We here at Oregon Beach Vacations want to wish you all a happy and safe Fourth of July this year, and we hope to see you again next year!

Fourth of July Oregon Coast

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