Solar Eclipse – Oregon – August 2017

The total solar eclipse, happening on Monday, August 21st 2017, has been a topic of interest for many years. It’s presumed to be the most viewed eclipse ever, in part due to blogs like this. It’s also happening during the summer, with optimal viewing areas from many large cities across the United States. The best part about this upcoming eclipse? It’s going to be starting right here in Oregon, just two minutes north of Depoe Bay at the Boiler Bay Scenic Viewpoint Area, also known as Government Point.

At precisely 10:15:56.5 AM PDT, you’ll want to be in this exact location to watch the solar eclipse begin. Bring some snacks and cold drinks while you wait, along with sunscreen. Seeing as it will be August, summer will be in full swing and you’ll be thankful for the refreshments. Look around you before the solar eclipse is set to happen. In the sky surrounding you, you’ll be able to witness a sunset in every direction, because that is essentially what’s happening with the solar eclipse. If you are prone to light sensitivity, see about picking up some Mylar eclipse glasses or a #14 welder’s glass to witness this amazing event with comfort. Also, and maybe this goes without saying, but hit the restroom before the big event so you’re sure to catch the entire thing!

It will only last a minute and 58.5 seconds, so make sure to get here early and have your cameras ready to take video! Don’t waste your time trying to take the perfect photograph; it won’t happen, especially in the short amount of time you’ll have. Instead, take these short two minutes to look up at the sky and really experience everything about this special moment. You never know when you might get another chance!

If you’re living in or staying in Salem, you’ll also be lucky enough to view this beautiful phenomenon that hasn’t occurred in 38 years! August 21, 2017 is presumed to be an incredibly busy vacation day, so book now to make sure you’re as close as possible to the Oregon coast and able to witness this incredible moment in time!

Boiler Bay State Park - Depoe Bay
Boiler Bay State Park – Depoe Bay

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