Best Things to Do in Neskowin, Oregon

Neskowin, Oregon, is a coastal town that’s about a two-hour drive west of Portland. Nestled into the coastal region of Oregon, Neskowin is a small and charming destination for a relaxing beach getaway. 

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With plenty of beachfront space provided by available vacation properties, you have plenty of room to enjoy a book on the beach. But that’s not the only thing to do while you’re in Neskowin. Check out this great list of things to do in Neskowin, Oregon.

Go Golfing at Neskowin Beach Golf Course

Referred to as the “Jewel of the Oregon Coast,” the Neskowin Beach Golf Course was established in 1932, making it one of the oldest on the Oregon coast. The golf course offers nine holes in a truly unique landscape with stunning visuals guaranteed to provide countless memories. 

The golf course’s availability is seasonal. The weather can dictate the golf course availability, so be sure to check with the clubhouse before scheduling a tee time. You can check out the Neskowin Beach Golf Course website for events schedules, greens fees, and a fly-through of each hole. 

Stroll Through Neskowin Farmers Market

The Neskowin Farmer’s Market in Neskowin is a must-add to your list of things to do in Neskowin. The Farmer’s Markets vendors offer up a wide variety of locally produced goodies. Browse through the many local goods while you snack on a slice of wood-fired pizza from Hearth and Table and sip a local small-batch beer from Beachcrest Brewing.

The Neskowin Farmer’s Market happens on Saturdays from the end of May up until the first of October every year. The Neskowin Farmers Market can be found at the Proposals for All space on the east side of Highway 101 at the corner of Summit Lane.

Head to Neskowin Beach to See The Famous Proposal Rock

Legend tells of a late 19th-century sea captain who took a local girl out to the rock and proposed marriage, thus solidifying its name, Proposal Rock, since this spot has been a popular destination for photographers and marriage proposals.

To get to Proposal Rock, you will park at the Neskowin Beach Recreation Site, and from there, you can walk out towards the rock. You don’t want to attempt to climb the rock, and be mindful of sneaker waves. But it’s a beautiful spot for some sunbathing, beach walking, and you can wade in Neskowin Creek that flows out to the ocean. 

Check Out Some Delicious Local Restaurants 

The Neskowin Farmer’s Market isn’t the only food place. Neskowin offers up some great food options for things to do. You can relax and people watch on the patio at Cafe on Hawk Creek while enjoying crab cakes and steamer clams. 

You can also pick up some gourmet food at the Neskowin Trading COmpany’s deli. They serve an incredible selection of baked goods, wine, burgers, sandwiches, bagels, and breakfast sandwiches.

Visit the Ghost Forest in the Winter

If you’re visiting Neskowin in the winter months, one of the things you can do is visit the Ghost Forest. During the winter, the beach at Neskowin reveals a fascinating 2,000-year-old forest of Sitka Spruce trees. These trees were buried during an ancient mudslide and weren’t visible until a storm in the late 1990s unveiled them. 

These are just a small sample of all of the things you can do in this charming coastal village. Between golf, hiking, and incredible scenery you are guaranteed to be entertained during your visit to this ideal Oregon coast town.

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