3 Scenic Views – Lincoln City Area

If you’re looking for a good hike while you’re on vacation in Lincoln City, make sure to check out the following locations. They are all within a 40 minute drive or less and offer beautiful views of the Oregon coastline!

Lincoln City Coast View
The view from the Knoll of Roads End

The Knoll – Located in Roads End, just north of Lincoln City, is a grassy hill that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and Roads End, along with Lincoln City and Devil’s Lake. This beautiful patch of land can be discovered by hiking up a steep hill. It’s completely worth the sore calves when you see the view. Make sure to bring water, a snack, and your camera to capture the glory from this little spot of land in Roads End!

View from Cascade Head
View from Cascade Head

Cascade Head – Located only 25 minutes north of Lincoln City through a forested area, the views from Cascade Head are worth your time and effort! You’ll hike through the forest for about 45 minutes to an hour depending on your speed, and then you’ll come out onto the lower hill. You can see for miles from here. Keep hiking and you’ll end up in some more forest and eventually begin climbing up to the higher surrounding hills. All in all, this round trip is around 3 or so hours. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy while you take a rest before heading back down! Make sure to bring your camera! The views from here are breathtaking!

View from the top of the dune in Pacific City
View from the top of the dune in Pacific City

Cape Kiwanda – Located in Pacific City, this amazing hiking area is just 35 minutes north of Lincoln City and offers some of the best possible views of the coastline. Starting on the beach, you can walk in the sand until you get to a giant hill covered in sand. Hiking up this hill is no picnic, as every step you take in the sand pushes you back down slightly. It’s worth the view when you get to the top. You can also head slightly north and climb up some big rocks, lightly covered in sand. Remember to watch your footing while hiking up these areas. Small children should be accompanied by adults at all times. When you make it up this hill, head towards the water to take in some spectacular views of the Pacific and Haystack Rock. If you’re daring enough, you can even climb over to the huge rocks across the way; just be sure to wear hiking shoes if you’re going to be doing all of that. Afterwards, why not relax at the Pelican Brewing Company for some delicious food and beer. After all, you earned it!

Haystack Rock and the beach - Pacific City
Haystack Rock and the beach – Pacific City

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