15 Commonly Forgotten Vacation Items

It’s that time of year again! Long summer nights, breezy days on the beach, and warm sunshine licking at your ice cream cone. Summer weather is a great reason to come down to the Oregon coast, soak up some sun, and leave your stress behind. But what about when you forget to pack that most necessary item for your long trip away from home? We’ll show you a list of 15 commonly forgotten vacation items and offer advice on how to help you remember them!

Make a list – The first thing to do when preparing for vacation packing is to make a list of everything you need to bring. Once an item has made it into the car or luggage, cross it off your to-do list. Make sure the list is in a place that is frequented and can’t be lost. Try the fridge, or write it on a white board if you have one.

Bathroom items – Toothbrushes, razors, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, floss, toiletries, soap, etc. These items are some of the most forgotten items on vacations, and it makes sense. These items are used on such a daily basis that they become a normal part of our routine. And since we leave them in the bathroom, as that’s the only place they are used, no wonder we forget them. Hmm. At least this stuff is cheap to buy and can be found anywhere!

Vision items – Glasses, contacts, contact solution. While many people won’t forget glasses or contacts if they wear them on a daily basis, contact solution often gets left behind. If you’ve already put your contacts in, why would you need that big bottle? People who need glasses for reading also tend to forget these at home. While putting on your glasses or contacts, remove them from the bathroom and into your bag or an area with more traffic. You’re more likely to glance down in that room than the bathroom and see the stuff you still need to move it into your luggage.

Chargers – Now that we are fully submersed in the technological age, chargers are needed for just about everything these days: cameras, phones, laptops, tablets, hand held gaming, etc. While everyone should put down the technology a little bit while on vacation, cameras and phones are necessary for emergencies and capturing memories. When you wake up in the morning on the day of your trip, try and grab not only your phone but the charger too when you go to unplug your phone. Do the same with any other devices you wish to take with you. This way you remember the charger but also have fully charged devices ready for your long drive or flight.

Umbrellas and rain gear
– The Oregon coast is known for rain so remember to take an umbrella or rain coat if you want to be prepared for the worst. You can also check the weather for the area you’ll be staying in to see if bad weather is on the horizon. Of course, the weather can change at any moment, so it’s best to be prepared. Leave umbrellas and rain coats by or in front of the door, and on your way out you’ll be more likely to notice them.

First aid kit – Accidents happen, even while on vacation. If you or your family are prone to small nicks and cuts, make sure to bring a first aid kit along with you, stocked with band-aids, Neosporin, and hydrogen peroxide to protect against infection.

Makeup and makeup remover – Many forgotten items can be found in the bathroom. Try the same trick that you’d use with your other bathroom products here. Once you have finished applying your makeup, move it into your suitcase while it’s still on your mind. If you forget makeup remover, this is something that can also be found anywhere on your trip.

Cash – Some places while on vacation only take cash, and while you may be able to find your bank in the city you are staying, this may not always be the case. Head to the bank the night before your trip or as you’re leaving to ensure that you have plenty of extra spending money on you.

Prescription medicine – A lot of people forget these pills, because, once again, they are usually found in the bathroom. It’s probably a wise tip to just raid your bathrooms before each and every vacation. Check, double check, triple check, and then check again. Our minds often overlook things we take on a daily basis as insignificant because it’s second nature. If you forget your medication, find a local pharmacy and request a refill. Unless this happens on a daily basis, most places will understand and give you the pills you need for your three day weekend.

Underwear – Another necessity of life, underwear is often forgotten rather than clothes. If you forget yours, just buy a few new pairs while on vacation. You probably needed some anyway, right?

Belt – Nobody wants saggy pants! Try and wear your belt on your trip to the coast or attach it to another pair of jeans and then pack them into your suitcase.

Headphones – Nobody wants to have to listen to someone else’s music while they are trying to enjoy their movie or game. While headphones can be found for fairly cheap on the road, why not plug your headphones into your phone or tablet while they are charging overnight. As you remove the phone, charger, and headphones, you’ve remembered three things at once. Go you!

Beach accessories -Sunglasses, bathing suit, sunscreen, etc. You’ll be out in the sun this summer and these items are must haves for the beach. If forgotten, just hit up your local Wal-Mart or Target for affordable replacements.

Reading material – A lot of people have Kindles and Nooks nowadays so they can take their reading anywhere. If you’re a paper kind of person, hit up the local library where you’re staying, and get a book for free.

Snacks – If you’re traveling via car to your Oregon coast vacation, remember to bring some snacks for the road. You can always stop at a gas station, but that can get pricey and cut into your spending cash. Hit a grocery store on your way out of town for more fresh choices and cheaper prices.

Remember, it’s a vacation. If you forget any of the following items, just know that they can all be replaced and found elsewhere! Stay safe on your next visit to the Oregon coast!

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